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[1 JAN 2016] - Sea Rate Changed - Minimum of $10.00 / package apply.
[1 JAN 2020] - NL-SEA if different from NL-AIR!
[1 MAY 2020] - China Warehouse address updated


Laxani enables you to purchase any product worldwide online shops regardless where you are in the world! 
We meet this promise by providing you a USA shipping address, individual customer service and package forwarding service. We purchase, pay, check, photograph, store, consolidate, repack & ship your items, and take over customs handling & the preparation of customs documents.

Who are we.

We are the package processors. We process packages every day and mail five days a week. On a weekday that is an average of 9.000 packages.

Our strategy

Laxani Cargo changes from a import & export company to a logistics service provider in mail and packages. At least 50% of our turnover in 2020 will come from e-commerce. That is our ambition.

Laxani NV

Martin Lutherkingweg 176
Wanica - Suriname

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USA : +1 (305) 5723059

SUR : +5978888276

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